Tuesday, August 17, 2010

photo Tuesday

Photograph of Heather Graham by David LaChapelle.


  1. I'm not really sure how I feel about her deer caught in headlights eyes. Or any of it. Or...something.

  2. So, now that I've been lookin at it for a week:

    - Yah, the photog definitely (esp when you look at other photos in the series) is trying to work a circus freak angle. I just don't think he's totally successful at making the two women on the outside looking so much like the other. Or else I'm disinclined to see them how I'm "supposed" to--but still. They don't look so weird. They look cute. Heather Graham is the Other in this photo, to be honest (if you me). Not because thin people aren't cute too (!) just that, you know - the power she has in this photo basically comes from her celebrity and little else. Those other women are 75% of what we're looking at.

    I'm really interested in how Fat shows up in media images, period. What meaning it's accorded. So I'd never put up a really offensive image, but it wasn't chosen really as a Yay! Fatties! gesture either. Was curious, as ever, about the intersection of fat & meaning.