Monday, March 29, 2010

hard copies!

I will figure out a way to write in this blog more. There are barriers! More than the usual attached to procrastination and such.

I am realizing how much of the public discussion of size out there I have absolutely no desire to engage in. At all. What a very helpful skill for keeping a size acceptance blog! First and foremost because I think the way we are feel that what we or anybody else eats is perfectly appropriate fuel for every kind of revelatory, punitive, boundary-less public discussion is off-base.

So I gotta figure that out. Haven't figured that out.

In the meantime: what should I do with all my old copies of Radiance magazine? Getting Radiance in the mail was a really important, really big part of my life and development as a fat chick. Very different than reading things online.

I held it in my paws, and turned things over and over, and absorbed them much better than I do know. So...I don't know. I have many of them and haven't looked at them for years. I don't like them taking up room, but I'm still loathe to let them go. Hmm. We'll see.

yah yah roly!

terrible video quality, but I sure love this song

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lives are at stake!

I was so thoroughly offended by the ads for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, wherein he brings enlightenment to the shores of fat stupid America with his cocky brand of charm, that I had to get up and walk it off. The promos even threw a few Headless Fatties™ shots in there to make their editorial position clear. The combination of Extreme Home Makeover style TV with childhoodobesity sanctimoniousness...I wanted to choke a bitch. I'd link directly to the promo (it's the 30-second one), but the ABC site is fascist. Makes you watch lots of vids to get to a particular one. LIVES ARE AT STAKE! Jamie says.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gah. Fuck. The weird compensated public torch-passing (kirstiealley 2 valeriebertinelli 2 jasonalexander) is very hard to watch!

whatcha find?

If it didn't mean that people never took me seriously again too late! I think I would start a blog called What Did You Find in Your Bra at the End of the Day? Or maybe Pennies From Heaven. Women could write in after totting up what they find in there: change, food, phones, hankies, whatever. Companies could match the monies found there dollar-for-dollar and donate to favorite charities. It would be an exercise in archeology for generations to come.