Friday, April 30, 2010

the one thing Sarah Silverman won't joke about

Just puttin this out there. From Silverman's interview with Larry King:

"But I guess if there is anything I wouldn't talk about. . . it's fat jokes about women. That always bums me out because I feel like we live in a country where fat women--at least in white America--don't deserve love. You know? And I--I don't think that's true for men, you know. You see every sitcom star is like a fat guy with some gorgeous wife. But we live in a country that really feels that way. It feels--it's in the ether. And that just makes me sad to make a joke of it or to make light of it."

"Many doctors don't discuss diet with obese patients" the LA Times, per a the 2009 National Healthcare Disparities Report.

I know I should say something intelligent here, but all I can think about is the stock art the Times chose for their blog entry (left).

Doesn't this fatty plate look like a person? Donut eyes, fried chicken nose, french fry mouth? OM NOM NOM.