Thursday, August 31, 2006

something in the air

I just weighed in--officially--on the "waddle" kerfuffle at Willamette Week. What is going on this week? Something in the air about fat folk, methinks. I don't want to keep the controversy alive (very glad she will be apologizing), but at the same time I *had* to say something. Unbelievable. I still can't believe--more than anything--that the editors let that one through. Unbelievable.

Off to mash my sausage fingers hopelessly against the keyboard--

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

60-second rant

How much do people hate fat folk? On the IMDB board for Phat Girlz (msg now taken down), somebody posted a message saying that all fat women should put poison in their food and eat it to kill themselves off. They compared it to giving needed medications to their dog.

It's upsetting hearing that kind of vitriolic prejudice, but (like for many people, I bet) it almost feels good to hear that shit said out loud. Because it's like not like I don't experience that reaction from people--they're just too chickenshit to say it. (Sometimes. It ain't fun to get harrassed on the street either, but that kind of idiot reaction is different.) Here you get to hear people articulate their hate. And you can say--oh right. That's why you won't look me in the eye. That's why you're waiting on my friend, not me. That's why you're talking behind my back. That's why you burst into laughter when I walk away. That's why you don't see me. That's why you look suprised that I'm not dumb but can't remember that I'm not. That's why your smile falls off your face when you see me. That's why you're hoping for a hole in our talk that makes it clear I hate myself so you can jump in and hate me (in a nice way) too. This is how you act when you want to hang out a car window and yell things at me but know you can't. And the grossest part of all that is that the next shade of emotion closer to human is only horrible disapproving pity and who looks good in *that* color--nobody. Miles to go before the love. Lifetimes.

By any means necessary!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Fear of a Fat Planet

My friend Damian made this image/takeoff on the PE logo -- it always makes me giggle. Hilarious. Plus that sentence often finds cause to go a-ringing in my head. Very appropriate. Only about 19,000 news stories/headlines/goings-on I ran into this weekend that made me think it. Including the fact that:

I was talking to my friend Holly tonight and she confirmed something I had *thought* was true from commercials I had seen on TV, which is look at what the *!@#$%$^&^&$(%# they did to Mo'Nique on the cover of Phat Girlz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!??!?!?!??!! It looks like they PhotoShaved a good six sizes off of her--I have a hard time believing Mo'Nique approved that herself. Not to mention that the alternate cover isn't much better--she's slightly bigger but the theme of the image is worse. What the bloody hell. If Fox Home Entertainment can't get it together to show a fat girl something close to her real size on THIS DVD cover, then there's no hope. Idjits.