Thursday, March 15, 2012

photo Tuesday (and how)


If you learn nothing else today, you will learn (if you didn't know already) how amazing open-work stockings look on fat girls.

Volup 2 is a new magazine from ex-pat American plus-sized model and photographer, Velvet d'Amour. As far as I can tell she had a hand in photographing and styling almost every shoot in all 300+ pages of Volup 2, which she describes as:
A bilingual English/French online quarterly magazine showcasing diverse beauty, with an emphasis on curvy women, and exploring the generosity of Mind, Body and Spirit.
D'Amour became famous when she was a 2006 Gaultier runway model and her continuing interest in fashion shows. That is, Volup 2 is a fashion mag--sort of. Fashion, clothes, bodies, makeup, locales. Femmey femme.

I really enjoyed seeing the eye of a fashion photographer brought to bear on fat bodies, and how fat bodies wear clothes, without the usual need to sculpt them with perspective into vague, largish constructions supporting acceptably unfat faces. Her camera is really looking at these plump--fat--thick--bodies. She really wants so know how they look in the clothes they're wearing. It's fun. I don't totally know how I feel about the naked black dude in one of the shoots, but in general I really loved this mag. Nice to see older women and a woman in a wheelchair, too. Often NSFW in delicious ways.


  1. Most of them are classic hourglass and pear shapes, I wish we'd see more apples like me. :) However, amazing, beautiful, stunning work.

  2. I agree with piterpanne- i love love seeing plus size models, but I still feel like my body falls short because I don't have a smaller waist and full hips/bust. Still just great to see posts like this though :)

  3. Yeah, I agree. Feeling like the line for beauty ideals has been moved in your direction but still doesn't include you is a special kind of bummer.

    I think the reason I was so struck by these images is because they are specifically high-fashion (is that still a word? I think I sound old-fashioned). And in that world there is usually so little wiggle room about size - it's this exhaustingly homogenous ideal - millions of images of one kind of body - that anything outside of the norm feels pretty shocking. Some of these women are quite big--it still surprises me. They're not hidden.

    So I guess like many things it's an incremental change. I hope she keeps making them.

  4. The stockings in the top pic are a little too bold and stripey for me, but with the right skirt they might look pretty cool!

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