Tuesday, January 24, 2012

always having the wrong reaction

This billboard--yes, you would see this driving down the street--is from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, who advocate a vegan diet and are targeting dairy products as a major contributor to body size.

I think we're supposed to be appalled by the butt, but all I could think was--wow, what a fabulous ass. Plus the hands squeezing the hips add to the overtly sexual nature of the image. I guess it's supposed to be a doctorly squeeze of the fat, though.

Are fat bodies so devoid of sexuality in the minds of the advertising agency/PCRM that this image is in their minds completely clinical? And can be used--negatively--to shame people? PCRM must think so, but the billboard that resulted is a bizarre kinky mess of shame, sex, hate, and dehumanization. They don't know what they're doing.

p.s. Some vegans are fat. Just sayin.
p.p.s. Thanks to The Society Pages for the article above (worth clicking).


  1. I wrote a scathing letter to: pcrm@pcrm.org

    I have donated money to them in the past,

    I schooled them that veganism was about compassion not appearance.

  2. oops, foget to mention i am vegan. : )

  3. It doesn't help the asexual thing that she's wearing black lace panties. Which I desperately want to steal. ;)

    ps. My vegan sister-in-law is fat. And awesome.

  4. Hah!! Hell yeah, Pips. Extremely good point and something I should have pointed out--girl's wearing lingerie, basically. WTH?

    That is fabulous, VOB. Compassion not appearance is the nail on the head.

  5. I'm a fat vegan! :D a vegan diet (or strict vegetarianism as it's sometimes called since vegan specifically refers to animal rights) is indeed great for health (better for the health of animals!) but the fatphobia that seems to go along with the vegan community is appalling- I've written about it several times and I'm tired of my vegan groups posting articles on veganism and weight loss or claiming that animal products cause fatness or that, if you're vegan and fat, then you must never touch a vegetable- it's complete bullshit!

  6. Say, those do look like my thighs. Gimmee cheese!