Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why Women Need Fat - will repost soon

ERRATUM: I need to more carefully reframe what it was I liked about this article--will repost soon.


  1. see- i had a big problem with this comment even though I loved the article.. because genetics are the biggest indicator of how fat someone will be.. if weight is 80% genetic, then how on earth are we getting the statistics saying that omega 6 consumption is a larger indicator than genes? I believe that it contributes absolutely, but the primary cause...? I'm not so sure.

  2. This article angers on a few levels. It has many great points, but it makes extreme claims that we are all fat only because of Omega-6 and "processed" food... which is nothing but puritan garbage and is ridiculously illiberal. It is also anti-modernist, claiming that we need to "repress" in terms of food consumption or making of said food.

    Also, it contradicts the positive message by still saying that being "obese" is harmful. But by what definition of obese do they mean? Check out the Illustrated BMI Project, are these definitions being used by THAT article? What about people like me who love being fat and WANT to get fatter? Why are WE vilified? We have a RIGHT to do what we desire. It isn't just to fufill a fetish, there is genuine PASSION and desire to do this! Regardless of risk!

    You may say it's a must read, even for people like me, but it's offensive anyway. Because it still claims that being over a certain "point" in terms of fatness is toxic and extremely harmful.