Wednesday, June 30, 2010


What does rock critic taxonomy call this kind of drifty cutey female singer/head-voiced kind of music? I'm not sure, but I find the song, by South African group Freshlyground, too twitzy twee for my taste in any case. Which isn't the point either; the lyrics are what brought it to my attention and they are "cute" too: "Even though I have fat thighs/flabby arms/a pot belly still gives good lovin'."

Some cranky part of me can't help giving it a hmm. Not a super-cynical hmm, but it feels nonetheless like the song uses "forbidden" words like "flabby" and "pot belly" to give the song a goose it would otherwise not have. They feel sort of out of place. The video is part of that--I might be more likely to take the song at face value without a video featuring, you know--a not particularly pot belly belly.

Ungh, I'm not a horrible purist crank, I swear--and I like the lyrics in the abstract. But...ehhh.

[Thanks to Dan for the link.]

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